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  • Oleg Voznyuk  3 years ago
    I had trouble finding a good dentist with not only decent hours but also good staff.... these guys really nailed it! Everyone at the office is friendly and helpful. The office is small which I appreciate since I feel like I really mattered as a patient. Dr. Bogomolny was very straight forward and did not pressure me into anything, she just explained my options for my obvious need for a crown. Prepping and taking a mold of the tooth were painless and swift. I was literally in and out of there in an hour! Everything about the experience was perfect.
  • Alex Ishkov  3 years ago
    I had to cancel appointment for my fillings the same day that I had to go. Although, same day cancellation is usually unacceptable for all kind of medical services, it wasn't a problem for Dr. Bogomolny. She was understanding and friendly. A new appointment was scheduled the next day. My feeling was done in about 30 minutes. The great thing is that it is of the same color as my original tooth and absolutely unseen, which is important for a front tooth. Again a great experience with Dr. Bogomolny's precise work. Thank you!
  • Yaroslav Sapozhnyk  3 years ago
    Just visited Dr. Bogomolny's dental office for a cleaning. I wanted a thorough cleaning job and that is what I feel I received. Doctor was so positive and very easy to talk to. Also, she has a great staff, affordable prices and very convenient hours.
  • Sergiy Galytskyy  4 years ago
    I am very satisfied with the whole experience.
    I felt very relaxed and confident with the staff and the dentist is very nice and professional. I like the way the office works with me financially.
    Thank you!
  • Vi Kolesova  4 years ago
    I found this dental office when I had a severe tooth pain. i was really surprised that this doctor could make an apontiment the same day. Although there was a line in front of me, I was waiting to see a doctor for only about 10 min. Dr. Bogomolny was very professional, attentive and caring. When I was leaving the office, the doctor gave me a pain relief medicine, so that I could feel better and not to wait for the next day to get them from my pharmacy. I will definitely come to this office again.
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